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VEC Electronics


VEC Foot Pedal and Headset Special Transcription Bundles



VEC Special Transcription Bundles

Our Most Popular, Tried and True Professional Transcription Combinations

VEC Foot Pedal Headset Bundles


VEC offers a wide variety of quality accessories including headsets, foot controls, telephone recording devices, microphones, cassettes, plug adapters, power supplies and voice input stations. VEC Electronics has strived to develop a line of dictation and transcription accessories that meet and exceed customers’ standards.  All of their accessories whether the need is for analog or digital, are engineered to VEC’s rigid standards.

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VEC Special Transcription Bundles

The Perfect Combination For Professional Transcription

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VEC IN-USB-2 Foot Pedal

The VEC INFINITY IN-USB-2 digital foot pedal has been engineered for INFINITE performance — weighing in at 2.3 lbs., the sleek design is the perfect solution for “hands free” transcription. The VEC IN-USB-2's low profile offers a wider flare to accommodate all foot sizes for longer lasting comfort. Durable, yet sensitive switches provide you with an easy touch and the" Plug and Play" features allows for a quick connection. The VEC INFINITY IN-USB-2 is 100% compatible with the older VEC IN-USB-1.



VEC Special - VEC IN-USB-2 Foot Pedal and VEC SP-PC Headset

Price: $75.50 with Free Shipping Item: USBSPPC

Free Shipping

The VEC Spectra SP-PC is a light weight and comfortable transcription headset. Two speakers give a balanced sound and provide crystal clear delivery. The headset weighs less than 1 oz. The VEC Spectra SP-PC utilizes two soft velvet like ear cushions for comfortable transcription during long hours. This unit is perfect for either the heavy use transcriptionist or the light user. The headset has an extra-long 10-foot cord to reach your PC soundcard. This headset has compatibility with stereo connections, and has a 3.5mm stereo connector. It is designed for computer transcription. Supplied accessories: black storage pouch, 10 foot cord and an additional set of ear cushions.




VEC Special - VEC IN-USB-2 Foot Pedal and VEC FLX-10 Headset

Price: $79.50 with Free Shipping Item: USBFLX10

Free Shipping

The xtra-lite VEC FLX-10 FlexFone, just a trace over 1oz., is the sound solution to personalized headphones created for today’s, on the go, digital transcribers. The ergonomically designed sound chambers of the FlexFone are dome-shaped to fit the contour of any ear while providing hours of total comfort throughout transcribing projects. Destined to be the favorite of transcribers. Throughout the business world, the flexible, twistable construction of the FlexFone enables the user to simply tuck it away in its velvet-like drawstring pouch, designed for personal storage.


The FlexiPort headphone connector makes digital transcription easier and more manageable, with its increased flexibility. And, this value-added product is packaged with the FlexFone at no extra cost! The compact little port, less than 2" square, plugs into the back of any personal or office computer and conveniently mounts to the side or corner of any computer station with a  double-faced adhesive strip. It eliminates the arduous task of crawling behind, or pulling out the computer whenever transcribers need to plug in their head-phones.


FlexiPort’s added flexibility lets multiple transcribers plug into any shared transcription station with their own personal FlexFone headphones in seconds, not minutes. And, when their assignment is done; they simply unplug from the easily accessible FlexiPort and take their personal FlexFone headphone with them. Yes… it’s that simple!


VEC Special - VEC IN-USB-2 Foot Pedal and SP-USB Headset

Price: $79.50 with Free Shipping Item: USBSPUSB

Free Shipping

The USB connection overcomes the problem of hardware deficiencies, by effectively passing the sound card, a notable weakness in some laptops. The VEC Spectra USB headset delivers consistent high-quality digital sound. Its domed shaped twin speakers provide hours of comfort and pristine sound clarity. Because of its light-weight structure it is the ultimate choice of professional transcriptionists.   

- USB Connector

- LED Connection Indicator

- Digital Volume Control

- Dome Shaped Twin Speakers

- 10 Foot Headset Cord

- Shirt Clip

- Carrying Bag



VEC Special - VEC IN-USB-2 Foot Pedal with VEC SP-VC5 Headset

Price: $75.50 with Free Shipping Item: USBSPVC5

Free Shipping

As the newest addition to the Spectra family, the VEC SP-VC5 has all the quality features you have come to love about the Spectra headsets plus more. The Spectra SP-VC5 Deluxe twin speaker headset comes with a stereo/mono switch and volume control on a 5 ft. cord. With the mono/stereo switch, all you need is one headset for all your analog or digital transcription needs.

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