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Olympus Professional Digital Transcription Systems: AS-7000 and AS-2400

Olympus Professional Transcription Systems

                  Olympus Pro Dictation

                                                                  Olympus Professional Digital Transcription System

Olympus AS-7000 Professional Transcribe Kit


The Olympus AS-7000 Professional Transcription Kit includes a 4 button foot pedal and stereo headset for the transcriptionist. In addition, voice processing efficiency is optimized in the new "Olympus Dictation Management System — Transcription Module" software bundled with the AS-7000 Transcription Kit. Besides making secure file management easier than ever before, it offers multiple file transfer options to suit individual requirements. Full Citrix and Terminal Service support is provided and it is compatible with POP3, SMTP, and extended MAPI email environments. Moreover, SSL support for email/ftp is also included. AS-7000 Kit includes: RS-31 Foot Pedal, E62 Headset and ODMS .v6 Transcription Software.

Download Olympus AS-7000 Brochures Below:

execommsys AS-7000-Transcription Kit

Olympus R6ODMS Installation Guide


Price: $349.00 with FREE SHIPPING Item: OLYAS7000

Free Shipping 
Olympus Certified Partner

Windows Compatibility     Apple Compatibility

Olympus Standard Digital Transcription

Olympus AS-2400 Transcribe Kit


Windows Compatibility     Apple Compatibility

Free Shipping
AS-7000 and AS-2400 Systems

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Olympus DSS Player Standard Transcription Module


The Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit provides you with everything you need to transcribe audio files with ease. The Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit includes DSS Player Standard Transcription Software, E-102 headset and RS-27 foot pedal for hands-free operation.


Plays DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3 and WAV/AIFF audio formats in the background when another application is running, such as a word processor.


Enables foot switch control of the playback process.


Transcription can be done by combining the playback sound with the adjustable playback speed, tone control, and noise cancellation.(It is not possible to playback while setting the playback speed and noise cancellation simultaneously with the Macintosh version.)


Voice recognition of dictation files is possible with the Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0 and later.*


Automatic software updates through Internet.*


2 modes/views of operation for Transcribe bar.*

*Windows Only

Download compatible digital recorder files when your voice recorder is connected to your computer. Compatible audio file formats include: DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3, and WAV/AIFF files.


Download Olympus AS-2400 Instruction Manual Below:

execommsys.com AS-2400 Instruction Manual


Price: $199.00 with FREE SHIPPING Item: OLYAS2400

Free Shipping 
Olympus E-62

The Olympus E62 professional transcription headset is extremely light weight and comfortable, and the dual speakers provide the user with balanced crystal clear sound. The “under the chin” style headset has a 3.5 mm plug which connects to your PC sound card or external computer speakers. The headset cord is 9.5 feet.


Price: $49.99 with FREE SHIPPING  Item: OLYE62

Free Shipping
Olympus RS-31

The Olympus RS-31 professional transcription foot pedal utilizes four configurable pedal buttons allowing individual transcriptionists to create custom configurations for their different typing styles. The RS-31 can also be used with the new Olympus DS-7000 Professional digital dictator for hands free dictation, with  Record,  Play, Stop, Reverse, Save and Create New File via the new Olympus .v6 (ODMS) software. The RS-31 is not compatible with earlier versions of DSS Player Pro .v4 or .v5.* It is only compatible with the new Olympus (ODMS) software and is included in the AS-7000 Professional Transcription Kit.




Download Brochure Here: execommsys RS-31 Foot Switch


Price: $99.99 with FREE SHIPPING  Item: OLYRS31

Free Shipping 
Olympus E-102

The Olympus E-102 Headset is for transcribing through PC sound card. This headset's long cord plugs into your computer's sound card making it ideal for PC transcription. Supplied with two spare sets of foam earpiece covers. Headband type. Cord length: 13' Feet Plug: 3.5 mm.


Price: $19.99 Item: OLYE102

Olympus RS-27

The Olympus RS-27 Foot Pedal can be connected to the serial or USB port of a PC for hands-free transcription convenience: control playback, fast forward, auto back-space and rewind. The RS-27 is not compatible with newer versions of DSS Player Pro ODMS .v6.* It is compatible with AS-4000 and AS-5000 Transcribe Kits and is included in the AS-2400 Transcription Kit.

Price: $69.99 with FREE SHIPPING Item: OLYRS27

Free Shipping

*Olympus Transcription Software and Foot Pedal Compatibility Information

Olympus RS31: - ODMS (R6) - DSS Player Pro (R5)  - no programming options and 4th switch is disabled

 Olympus RS27: - ODMS - DSS Player Pro (R5) - DSS Player Pro (R4) - with latest version of software

 Olympus RS25: - DSS Player Pro (R4) - DSS Player Pro (R5) - serial adapter only/not USB connector

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