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Olympus Digital Management System — Professional AS-7000 Digital Transcription Kit ODMS

Olympus Transcription ModuleAS-7000

Supports DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3 and WAV/AIFF

 Audio File Formats

Olympus AS-7000 Digital Transcription Kit

Olympus Certified Partner   Olympus Dictation Products  

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Price: $349.99 with Free Shipping

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Item: OLYAS7000

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AS-7000 Transcribe Kit Includes:

RS-31 Foot Pedal, E62 Headset and ODMS .v6 Software

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The Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit combines with the DS-7000 and DS-3500 professional dictation systems – or other Olympus professional voice recorders – to provide a complete, end-to-end business solution. Featuring a redesigned, four-button foot control pedal, headset and next-generation Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software, the AS-7000 is designed to be integrated into the workflow of any office system to significantly streamline data sharing and distribution of dictations between professionals, departments and office locations.

Download AS-7000 Brochures Below:

execommsys AS-7000-Transcription Kit

Olympus R6ODMS Installation Guide


Olympus ODMS Pro Software Features:

Olympus ODMS

Olympus Transcription Module AS-7000

Olympus ODMS Software

Streamlined Workflow - Special email and FTP functions allow dictation files to be automatically routed to predetermined locations or addresses upon downloading. Dictation files are automatically sorted by sender upon receipt, and document files are automatically entered into the workflow.

Advanced Organizational Tools -Created document files are automatically managed in association with dictation files (Windows only).

Multiple Format Playback - DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3 and WAV/AIFF audio formats can be played in the background when another application – such as word processing software – is running.

Foot Switch Control (RS-31) - A redesigned, ergonomic, four-button foot switch allows for hands-free control of the playback process.

Olympus DSS Module
    Olympus AS-7000 ODMS Software .v6

DSS Player Pro v6 ODMS Software Compatibility Information

Windows 7/8 Vista / XP / 2000 and Mac OS Compatible!


Expanded FTP Support -The next-generation AS-7000 Transcription Kit supports passive mode and SSL protocols (Windows only).

Enhanced Compatibility - The AS-7000 Transcription Kit features support for Citrix and Terminal Service, improved compatibility with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and file sharing via ODMS and Olympus DSS Player Pro R5.


Improved Transcription - Specialized transcription tools include background dictation notification support and a transcribing “time remaining” indicator (Windows only).

ODMS Software

Olympus AS-7000 Professional Transcription Accessories

Olympus E62 

The Olympus E62 professional transcription headset is extremely light weight and comfortable, and the dual speakers provide the user with balanced crystal clear sound. The “under the chin” style headset has a 3.5 mm plug which connects to your PC sound card or external computer speakers. The headset cord is 9.5 feet.

Price: $49.99 with FREE SHIPPING Item: OLYE62

Free Shipping

Olympus RS-31 Foot Pedal


The Olympus RS-31 professional transcription foot pedal utilizes four configurable pedal buttons allowing individual transcriptionists to create custom configurations for their different typing styles. The RS-31 can also be used with the new Olympus DS-7000 Professional digital dictator for hands free dictation, with  Record,  Play, Stop, Reverse, Save and Create New File via the new Olympus .v6 (ODMS) software. The RS-31 is not compatible with earlier versions of DSS Player Pro .v4 or .v5. It is only compatible with the new Olympus (ODMS) software and is included in the AS-7000 Professional Transcription Kit.


Download Brochure Here: execommsys RS-31 Foot Switch

Price: $99.99 with FREE SHIPPING Item: OLYRS31

Free Shipping

RS-31 Bottom

The Olympus RS-31 is a professional heavy duty foot pedal for hands free control of your ODMS transcription software. Features:  play, stop, rewind, EOF/BOF, etc. 4 button configurable USB footswitch (3 + 1) Center or top pedal can be locked. Extra wide center pedal. Non-slip mat on bottom of pedal to prevent slipping.


The Olympus RS-32 Hand Control Unit replaces the foot pedal for transcription use, and can be used to control recordings with Olympus Recorders - especially useful in conference recording settings.

Download Brochure Here: execommsys RS-32 Hand Control

Price: $99.99 with FREE SHIPPING Item: OLYRS32

Free Shipping

We Recommend: The Olympus DS-7000 and AS-7000: A Perfect Business Combination

DS-7000 in Cradle

Professional dictation has never been so powerful and yet so simple: The Olympus DS-7000 satisfies the highest demands for business dictation requirements. The durable, metal-bodied unit with large color LCD screen combines the best usability with maximum recording quality. Thanks to PIN protection and 256-bit DSS Pro real time data encryption, even the most sensitive files remain secure at all time. More Information: Olympus DS-7000

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Olympus Pro Dictation

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Olympus AS-7000 Professional Transcribe Kit

AS-7000 Transcribe Kit Includes: RS-31 Foot Pedal, E62 Headset and ODMS .v6 Software

Item: OLYAS7000

Price: $349.99 with Free Shipping

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