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VEC Electronics


Digitel Systems - Professional Digital PC Based Call In Systems

Digitel Call In Dictation Systems- Simply dial a phone number, enter a PIN and dictate!

- Your DigiTel is always ready for your call.

- With the ease of touch-tone control, start or pause your dictation, listen to it, or send it off for immediate transcription.
Perfect for Physicians, Hospital, Home Transcriptionists,  Government Agencies, Police Departments
DigiTel Call-in System is HIPPA CompliantHIPPA

Digitel Call In System

Access and operate your DigiTel  from any touch-tone phone including landlines, cell phones, VoIP phones, and just about any popular dictation station. Just  install its software and connect it to your pc's usb port and your phone lines. Then you're ready to enroll users, set their preferences, and view system activity. And, its friendly prompts help each user get their work done with ease.

PIN access  ensures only authorized users dictate into your DigiTel, and each  user's dictations are recorded directly onto your PC, so they're instantly available to your transcriptionist. Each dictation file is labeled with the authors name, date and time of dictation, and the reference number that the user entered, to clearly identify each dictation.

Order Your DigiTel Call-In System Configuration Below

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DigiTel DT-100

DT-100-USB 1-Line Call-In Dictation System

Starter Kit for One User - Pick up - Record - Hang-up Functionality

Includes Software, USB and Telephone Cables

Upgradable to DT-101 & DT-102

Price: $499.00 Item: DT100USB

Free Shipping

DigiTel DT-101

DT-101-USB 1-Line Call-In Dictation System 
Full Function Call-in System. Upgradable to DT-102  

Includes Software, USB and Telephone Cables

Price: $849.00 Item: DT101USB

Free Shipping

DigiTel Sytems

DT-102-USB 2-Line Call-In Dictation System   

Full Function Call-in System

Includes Software, USB and Telephone Cables

Price: $1,099.00 Item: DT102USB  

Free Shipping

DigiTel Sytems 

DT-103-USB 3-Line Call-In Dictation System 
Full Function Call-in System. Upgradable to DT-104

 Includes Software, USB and Telephone Cables

Price: $,1499.00 Item: DT103USB

Free Shipping

DigiTel Sytems

DT-104-USB 4-Line Call-In Dictation System   

Full Function Call-in System

Includes Software, USB and Telephone Cables

Price: $,1899.00 Item: DT104USB

Free Shipping

DigiTel Call In Systems        Windows Support

PC REQUIREMENTS: For 1 to 8 ports virtually any PC old or new. For 9 to 19 ports a Dual Core PC and for 20 to 32 ports a Quad Core PC is recommended. 1 GB RAM (1 to 8 ports). For 9 to 32 ports 4 GB RAM recommended. 5 GB free hard drive space will hold 200 hours of dictation. USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 Port (recommended for 9 to 32 ports).

WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS: 64-Bit or 32-Bit Win 7, Server 2008/2003, XP, Vista, Win 2000

TELEPHONE LINES: Analog phone lines. RJ11 phone cords included. Ask your phone company to enable “Disconnect Supervision” and to place your phone lines into a “Rollover Group”.

USERS: 2000 users, each with individual custom settings. Enter each user’s name, assign each user a PIN Number and an optional password, and they’re ready to call in.

DICTATION FILES: Each user’s dictation files are sent to the path chosen in their profile, or based upon the optional work-type they entered. File names include user identity, date and time of dictation, department number (up to 2 digits), work type number (up to 2 digits), reference number (up to 15 digits) priority indication, and a unique file number.

DigiTel System Upgrades

DigiTel Upgrade


Upgrade for DT-100 to Full Featured DT-101 via License Key

Price: $350.00 Item: DT100UPG

DigiTel Upgrade


Upgrade for DT-101 to DT-102 via License Key

Price: $250.00 Item: DT101UPG

DigiTel Upgrade


Upgrade for DT-103 to DT-104 via License Key

Price: $400.00 Item: DT103UPG


Order Your DigiScribe Transcription Kit Below:

DigiScribe Transcription System

Extra VEC SP-PC Digital Transcription Headset $24.50 each - Extra VEC IN-USB-2 Foot Pedal $59.50

More Information: VEC Special Transcription Bundles


DigiScribe Professional Transcription Kit

Includes: VEC IN-USB-2 Foot Pedal and SP-PC Headset

Price: $189.00  Item: DKT

Free Shipping
VEC SP-PCDigiScribe is a professional transcription solution that enables you to transcribe audio files (including wav, mp3, wma, and dss) and video files (including mov, mp4, avi, and wmv) on your own computer. These audio files can be created by DigiTel, or other sources of dictation. These video files can be created with digital camcorders. It works with the sound card in your computer or a VEC Spectra SP/USB Headset (which is its own sound card), and can use a foot pedal for hands-free control of the audio playback.

DigiScribe       Digitel

Download Instruction Manual and Brochures Below:

DigiScribe Manual.pdf

DigiScribe Quick Start Guide.pdf

Digitel 2 & 4 Line Call in System Brochure.pdf

DigiTel Touch-Tone Functions.pdf

DigiTel Specification.pdf


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