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VEC Electronics


 VEC USB Digital and Analog Conference Recording Microphones

VEC VEC Conference

VEC Conference Recording Microphones

Perfect For Recording Conferences, Meetings, Lectures, Depositions, Interviews and Court Reporting.

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VEC USB Conference Recording Microphones

CM-1000 USB


Price: $79.50 with Free Shipping

Free Shipping Item: CM1000USB

The CM-1000 USB is perfect for recording conferences, meetings, lectures, court reporting and interviews. Easy to set-up, low profile design, rubber no-slip bottom and dual noise cancelling recording elements.

VEC CM-1000 USB RecordACall Software
Use with RecordACall Software

The VEC CM-1000 USB Omni-directional conference microphone includes a 10 foot cord and USB connector. And an on board USB sound card delivers high-quality digital stereo recording, and the daisy chain capability provides 360 degree pick-up for maximum coverage. Simply connect the USB plug from the CM-1000 USB into your computer’s USB outlet.


SET-UP TIP: For larger meetings add a CM-1000 (shown below)  to your CM-1000 USB for maximum coverage from one end of the table to the other.


Download CM-1000 Configuration Chart Below:

CM-1000 Configuration information


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VEC Analog Conference Recording Microphones 
VEC CM-1000 RecordACall Software
Use with RecordACall Software
VEC CM-1000
VEC CM-1000 Conference Microphone 

VEC CM-1000


Price: $49.50 with Free Shipping

Free Shipping  Item: CM1000

Omni-directional conference microphone with 8 foot cord and a 3.5mm stereo connector. Boundary layer low profile design, with daisy chain capability and 360 degree pickup for exceptional sound quality and maximum coverage.


VEC CM Zip Pouch

CM Zip PouchPrice: $24.95 with Free Shipping
Free Shipping Item: CMZIP

Black Nylon Zippered Pouch holds 4 CM-1000 or CM-100 USB Microphones

VEC Conference Microphones
VEC CM-909

For Powered Microphone Jacks

The VEC CM-909 is an Omni-directional conference microphone with 10 foot cord and 3.5mm plug for powered microphone jacks.


The VEC CM-909 conference microphone is a small and compact microphone and at just 2  inches,  the CM-909 provides Omni-directional pick-up enabling it to record conversations from anywhere in a room while monitoring and adjusting to acoustical changes. When located at the center of a conference table, the VEC CM-909 conference microphone enables you record at normal volume levels with distortion-free clarity.

Price: $34.50 with Free Shipping

Free Shipping Item: CM909

Battery Powered Microphone

The VEC CM-909S Omni-directional conference microphone with 10 foot cord and 3.5mm plug. Includes battery. Record meetings, presentations, conferences, discussions and lectures with the 2 square, but powerful, VEC CM 909S Omni-directional microphone. It can easily be attached to any portable via the recorders microphone input jack.

Price: $39.50 with Free Shipping

Free Shipping Item: CM909S

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